Welcome to Neicey’s jewels blog where I talk about all things confidence, expression and sisterhood!

I wanted to create a platform that encourages women to be confident, love and express themselves through my jewellery that focuses on how it makes them feel.

My journey started when I was a teenager who lacked confidence and found jewellery as my form of self expression. 

I understood the pressure on our girls to have a certain look and to succumb to the latest trends which often leads to a lack of self confidence and self-esteem especially from quite a young age. Therefore I birthed a jewellery brand in hope women find their voice and their way of expressing themselves through our campaigns and workshops.

Through my brand, I hope to inspire confidence, empowerment, individuality and acceptance.

My mission is to help nurture young woman to achieve anything they put their mind to.

With time, I found the strength to embrace my unique style and voice. Today, I am proud of who I am and want to use my journey to help others facing similar challenges.

Someone urged me to start journaling/blogging so I thought this would be the next best thing. Welcome to my blog and I hope you all love it as much I do!

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