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 Founders note..

Hi all, Shanice here..

My journey started when I was a teenager who was bullied in secondary school.  Like most children, I spent most of the time trying to find myself but also asking myself daily why I looked the way I did and why I wasn’t accepted by my peers. I lacked self love and confidence growing up and found jewellery as my form of self expression. 

Starting my business whilst dealing with my pain, I understood the pressure on our young girls to have a certain look and to succumb to the latest trends which often leads to a lack of self confidence and self-esteem especially from quite a young age. 

Therefore I birthed Neicey’s Jewels in hope to encourage women to find their voice and form of expression.

 Neicey’s Jewels is a statement jewellery brand for the unapologetic woman who isn't afraid to shine. 

l wanted to create a statement jewellery brand that encourages women to feel confident, love and express themselves through my statement jewellery that focuses on how it makes them feel.

This platform is for women to express themselves confidently through jewellery with the motto ‘For the unapologetic woman who isn't afraid to shine!'
Jewellery being the focal point, I sell 18k gold plated, gold filled and stainless steel jewellery for girls who are confident and not afraid to express their authentic style in today’s society.
These pieces range from every-day essentials to statement fashion jewellery pieces.

Through my brand, I hope to inspire confidence, empowerment, and acceptance and to help nurture young woman to achieve anything they put their mind to.

Be unapologetic, be you!


Our Core Values

At Neicey's Jewels we are fuelled by a set of core values that define our essence.

Expression is the heartbeat of our platform, encouraging some  to showcase their unique selves with authenticity and pride.

Confidence is the cornerstone of our mission, empowering women to embrace their strengths and embark on their personal journeys with despite the pressures of society.

Culture is celebrated by recognising the richness that comes from embracing different perspectives.

Individuality is revered here – we champion the beauty found in each person's distinctive qualities.

Our commitment to sisterhood runs deep, fostering a supportive community where connections flourish and collective empowerment thrives.

Join us on a journey where expression, confidence, empowerment, culture, individuality, and sisterhood converge to create a space where everyone's story is valued and celebrated.

Welcome to my brand and I hope you all love it as much I do!




 Shanice Pearson, Managing Director of Neicey's Jewels
For any info or enquiries, please email: info@neiceysjewels.com


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