Youth First– Wellbeing Workshop

Youth First– Wellbeing Workshop

Last week Tuesday I had the pleasure of working with youth first to deliver a confidence building workshop. We explored how jewellery can play a part in building your confidence and tips on expressing your most authentic self.

I then did a jewellery activity which started off with the girls picking a jewellery piece of their choice and asking them why they chose that specific piece. This got them thinking about what individuality means to them and how they can express identity through jewellery.

We had an open and honest conversation about what individuality means to them and being able to identify self and how important it is to go into the real world, knowing who they are and being able to express themselves confidently. Whatever that may mean to them. This could be through a hobby, skill, how they dress or even personality.

I had the best time with the girls and left them with tips on how to be confident and how essential it is do things that would make them happy.

My vision is to inspire, encourage and help nurture young woman to achieve anything they put their mind to and give them the confidence boost to stay on track.

I’m passionate about empowering the younger generation with the tools that weren’t accessible when I was growing up.

If you know of anyone who may benefit from this workshop or you work in a. school, college or office. Check out my workshop Here

A special thank you to Youth First for giving me the opportunity to hold this workshop. The girls left inspired and equipped ready to go into the real world.

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